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A press release is public relation’s best friend. Not only does it announce to the world new services or products you are offering, but keeps interested readers in the loop with other important factors about your company.

The more relevant readers find your press release, the more the article will appear in a syndicated format – spread to a multitude of publications and press portals, spreading your message far and wide.

Linking value

The digital age has meant that everything has gone online, and so has the announcements that companies make through press releases.

An added value of this is the links and keywords that should be included in a press release upon publication.

  • Include keywords in the press release that you want to rank for in Search Engines.
  • Link to pages on your website that speak to the context of the press release.
  • Inbound links: the more coverage and syndication your press release receives, the more inbound links you are getting back to your website.
  • Increase Search Engine rankings
  • Improve website authority

Services offered

  1. Planning and writing

    The PR team will assist you in identifying topics for press releases, identifying appropriate keywords and links that can be used, as well as the writing aspect of the job too. Our team of highly skilled copywriters will take your message and transform it into a fully-fledged press release ready for distribution.

  2. Publication

    We are also then able to publish the content on your behalf, submitting the press release to high quality press release portals.

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